Teaching Manners

The Best Mannered King

[All the animals were fighting in the jungle. They were all shouting and making a lot of noise.]
[Gajraj, the elephant, trumpeted and made everyone be quiet.]

Gajraj: Quiet everyone. No shouting please! Be quiet for a minute and listen to me.

[All the animals become quiet.]

Gajraj: Thank you for being quiet. Thank you for listening to me.
Rabbit: What are you going to talk about Gajraj?
Gajraj: I think we should select one animal as the king of the jungle.
Tiger: That’s a very good idea. I want to be the king.
Zebra: Can’t we have a queen?
Gajraj: We can have a queen or a king.
Zebra: I want to be the queen.
Fox: I want to be the king.
Lion: (pushes the monkey) Only I can be the king.
Gajraj: Please be quiet. Shouting is bad manners. Pushing is bad manners.
Rabbit: Who will be the king?
Gajraj: The king should have good manners. He should always say, ‘excuse me’, before talking. He should not shout or push.

[As Gajraj was talking  two little squirrels are fighting over a toy. One has the toy and the other is snatching it from her.]

Rabbit: (pointing to the two animals) That is bad manners too. You should not snatch things.
Say, Please let me play with it.
Squirrel 1: Please let me play with it.
Squirrel 2: Ok let us play together.
Squirrel 1: Thank you.
Squirrel 2: Welcome.

[They play with the toy together.]

Gajraj: See how nicely they are playing. Saying please and thank you are good manners. We want the king to have the best manners.
Rabbit: How will we know who has the best manners?
Gajraj: We will watch all the animals tomorrow. We will note how they behave. Then we will vote for the king.
All the animals: Ok. Let’s do that.

[Different animals saying excuse me, thank you, please, sorry etc. in different contexts]

Gajraj: Today is the voting day.
All the animals: May we come in?
Gajaraj: Yes, please come in all of you. Let’s start voting.

[Animals start Voting. Votes are counted.]
Gajraj: Oh! It is a tie. Many of us have got equal number of votes. Let’s have one king or queen per week. This week zebra will be the queen. Next week I will be the queen. And every week we will have a new king or queen.

All the animals: Long live the queen. (3 times).

Manners Video

Here is a youtube video that helps children learn manners while singing, dancing and having fun.

Mr. Manners Matters