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M. A. Mala (Class VIII)

This site is very useful for children. Thank you so much!

Geetha Alvar

It is easy for children to learn all languages. They are very fast. We traveled many states due to my husband posting. Wherever we went they picked up the local languages. To speak it is good. Writing is little difficult. If you know kannada then you are able to read telugu. If you know hindi you will be able to read Marathi. Now my grandson is learning at Harvard University. Speaking and reading Tamil it is entirely different.

My feeling is when the opt for French or any other languages first they should learn our own country's language.

Rangoo you are doing great job. Thank you.

Uma Sundari

Thank you for sharing!!

I think the word ruler has been wrongly translated in Gujarati. I think instead of પાશા it should be ફૂટપટ્ટી in Gujarati. If I am not mistaken, it is tried here to provide such Gujarati equivalents that the students are familiar with in their mother tongue. For example : Every child, regardless the medium of instructions, identifies 'pencil' as 'a pencil'. If we use સીસપેન, nobody will understand it, as such words are accepted as loan words. They get confused if I translate such words because they have never heard the exact Gujarati equivalent of such words. For example : Ambulance. Very few people might know the equivalent of this word in their mother tongue. If I translate this word, it would be રુગ્ણવાહીકા !!! Not even the grown people can understand this.

In Tamil also we never use the Tamil word எழுதுகோல், children always say, 'pencil'. But if I were the Tamil teacher should I teach the Tamil Word or use the loan word. This is the question. For how many of the words loan words can be used and for which words we should teach the regional language words? If we teach Science or Maths through Tamil medium should we use the English words for scientific and mathematical terminologies or not?

Geetha Alvar

Rangoo Srinivas the subject is so vast we cannot express in few words. Nowadays even the maids are workers use English words between the sentence. We should learn the language yes but technical terms and all we should learn properly. Since our country is full of languages. So common language is a must. For progress of our country it will be helpful. Most of the people wants to go abroad for them language problem arises. Learn all.

Yes I agree the subject is vast. When they implement NEP 2020 and plan to provide primary education in regional languages, I hope we are able to understand how to go about it. If after Class V children are expected to choose English medium of education, will they find it easy if the technical terms are in English right from the beginning?

Padma Srinivasan

I think in certain local languages we use many English words without our knowledge. Before knowing other languages we should know our mother tongue first.

M. V. Padma Srinivasan

In early teaching I think sign language is also used with oral teaching. It will be effective for children for mother tongue because up to 3 years children can grasp any thing you say to them.