Phonics Book

At a very basic level the following book may be useful. It has one page for each sound. There are rhymes included for each sound.

The teacher notes provide the details of the book. Some ideas of how to teach Phonics are given in the notes.

Teacher Notes

You can have a look at the book here.

Play With Phonics

These are the rhymes for each sound.

Rhyme Time

Some suggestions are given in these pages. Feel free to modify as per your needs. The children should not be expected to read these pages. At the initial stages the pictures are used to talk to the children and the story is narrated by the teacher. Children are expected to read only the letter related to one sound, for example, 'b' at the initial stages. The same book can be used in Class I or II for reading purposes when the children have learnt all the sounds, the CVC words as well as the double letter words and diphthongs.