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Dr. Ranganayaki Srinivas M.A. M. Ed [Eng] Ph D [Ed: ELT]
I have been a teacher educator at an ELT institute for over 20 years. I initiated, coordinated and taught M. A. ELT and M. Phil. ELT courses as well as guided Ph.D scholars. I have been part of the regular training programmes at the institute and has trained hundreds of teachers. After VRS I have been conducting workshops for teachers through webinars. I was Academic Coordinator of an NGO and aprepared TV programmes to teach English to tribal children. I have worked with Greta Jackson, a British expert in the teaching of reading to develop 'Phonics Games'. More information about me is available at   

Here is a talk I gave to the students and teachers of M. O. P Vaishnava Girls College in Chennai about blogging for academic purposes.

Blogging For Academic Purposes

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I am trying out the Google Apps Inventor and creating some basic English programs. If you are doing something similar get in touch with me. Send an email to rangoo AT askrangoo.com. 

Download apps from Google Play.

If you know any schools working with special children, physically or mentally challenged children contact me. I will donate a set of phonics games and help the teachers understand how to use the resources effectively. Check Phonics Games.