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King Kamal Stories

Hyderabad Bird Hangout

Dr. Ranganayaki Srinivas M. A., M. Ed [Eng], Ph.D [Ed: ELT]

I have been a teacher educator at an ELT institute for over 20 years. I initiated, coordinated and taught M. A. ELT and M. Phil. ELT courses as well as guided Ph.D scholars. I have been part of the regular training programmes at the institute and has trained hundreds of teachers. After VRS I have been conducting workshops for teachers through webinars. I was Academic Coordinator of an NGO and prepared TV programmes to teach English to tribal children. I have worked with Greta Jackson, a British expert in the teaching of reading to develop 'Phonics Games'. 

Phonics Games are available at Fountainhead Global School

Here is a talk I gave to the students and teachers of M. O. P Vaishnava Girls College in Chennai about blogging for academic purposes.

Blogging For Academic Purposes

Watch videos to related to teaching of English - Youtube Channel Teaching Reading, Phonics Games

Have Fun With English

Use bird photos and videos for discussions in class - Youtube Channel Hyderabad Bird Hangout, Blog

Hyderabad Bird Hangout

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