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Ask Rangoo is a blog run by Rangoo Srinivas, a respected educator with over 40 years of experience in teaching and teacher education. With a focus on technology in the classroom, Rangoo has won numerous awards for her innovative teaching methods and is well-respected in the field of education.

With over 40 years of experience in the field of education, teacher training and materials development, Rangoo continuously updates her knowledge and tries to keep up with the latest developments.

She was a teacher educator at an ELT institute for over 20 years. She initiated and coordinated the innovative M. A. ELT and M. Phil. ELT programmes as well as guided Ph. D scholars at H. M. Patel Institute of English Training & Research, Gujarat.

She has trained hundreds of teachers and produced textbooks for children for the states of Gujarat and Goa. She won the Intel award for teaching through technology. She was part of the team that prepared 'Teach English, Learn English' Radio programmes for village children who did not have access to good resources to learn English. She was the Academic Coordinator for Unnati Development of Education for teaching English to tribal children through Satellite Communication. She worked with Educational Initiatives to review testing materials. After VRS she has been conducting workshops for teachers through webinars. She has worked with Greta Jackson, a British expert in the teaching of reading to develop 'Phonics Games'. She has worked with Sahai, Kolkatta Chapter of Children International.

She worked as the Academic Coordinator of Fountainhead Global School. Hyderabad. She took care of every part of the curriculum, right from designing the annual, monthly and weekly plans to working with the children and training the teachers to effectively implement the curriculum. She designed the curriculum keeping in mind the age, level and interests of the children and took care to ensure it nourished the children and strengthened their overall development. Both academic and co curricular activities were given equal importance. She trained the teachers throughout the year as teacher training was an integral part of the teaching-learning programme. She developed a Resource Centre that helped teachers to work with the children in school and parents to work with their children at home. She conducted Parents' Workshops to help them understand the present day children and get them to do willingly and happily, what is good for them. She has developed a set of Phonics Games to help children learn to read and become independent readers. These games are being used in the school in combination with story books. The Kindergarten children are able to read simple story books independently through the use of this method.

She has prepared books to teach one Indian language through another, for example, learn Tamil through Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Gujarati and English. She has prepared interactive games to pracitse language and learn with fun. Her Youtube Channel has videos on a variety of topics.

Dr. Ranganayaki Srinivas M. A., M. Ed [Eng], Ph.D [Ed: ELT]